HELLO HELLO welcome to the about here!! This page is gonna be subject to a lotta change because how i want to present myself changes by the minute X_X My name is...

Nanowire, Zapper, Faust, Prismatine, Kepler, Ceres, Regulus, Gigi, Parsec, Keyspill, Stardust, Antares, Aphelion, Gearbox, Tas, Status, Asteroid, Asterism, Aster, Vanadium, Lanthanide, Alkali, Lithium, Cerium, Vesper, Neocity, Sculptor, Caligosto, Phantom, Canti, Magnavox, Dynabyte, Cerberus, Aorta, Imagio
Well, up to you want you wanna call me. I like to hoard.

Machine Girl - House of Cards